Espresso Gusto Filosofia barrel 3kg
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Espresso Gusto Filosofia barrel 3kg


Espresso coffee beans.
Arabica and Robust varieties.
Nitrogen barell

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Gusto filosofia coffee is dominated by the Arabica variety which gives a fruity and floral aftertaste as well as a characteristic acidity, while a small amount of Robusta complements it, which makes the result more earthy with a fuller body and completes this unique blend.
The characteristic ”medium roast”, creates a drink with a soft taste, balanced chocolate aromas and floral notes. The beans come from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica and India.
Gusto’s well-known professional nitrogen-pressured 3kg package keeps the aromas of the coffee unchanged until the moment of opening.
Opening must be done 24 hours before use. Open it and let the aromas flood the space. Easy opening with the new cap without a can opener.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 35 cm

Coffee beans


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