Gia..giamas 9 fruits
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Gia..giamas 9 fruits


100% natural refressment with 9 fruits.
Pear, apple, peach, apricot, carrot. grape, lemon, kiwi amd orange.

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When we say “Greek traditional juice or soft drink” we mean the information passed down from generation to generation about a successful recipe of our ancestors… Handmade juices and soft drinks… The ultimate turn to tradition, the ultimate turn to Greece!! The tradition is shaped by the common people depending on their cultural level and the simple and pure products that they produce or can easily obtain from the land of our mother Greece.
Stories, customs and myths and simple methods used by our grandmothers to gather us in their apron, all gathered in a tasty treat and served in a traditional glass jar as an information evolution of our traditional recipe. Choices of flavors in an ultimate trip back in time. in those childish, pure, carefree years…

Creates 25 unique 580ml soft drinks.

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