Espresso coffee grounds Le Piantagioni 85/15 1kg


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85/15 is a blend that combines complexity and balance: the aromas of Arabica coffee are put together to create a rich, dynamic and energetic total of flavors and aromas. The particular flavors of each distinct arabica espresso blend and create a rich canvas of sensations. Balehonnur Estate’s robusta espresso emerges with a gentle vanilla note and full body, enriching the cup with a generous crema of greater length, quantity and color.
It is a coffee that comes from the provinces of Monte Alegre (Brazil), El Hato Blue (Guatemala), San Luis (El Salvador), to which Yrgalem (Ethiopia) Special Selection coffee and Blehonnur Estate robusta are added.
This estate espresso blend contains exclusively coffee certified by CSC® – Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati: in each bag you will find a numbered authenticity label guaranteeing the use of CSC espresso.

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