Teabox ”The yellow tree” 100gr
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Teabox ”The yellow tree” 100gr


100% natural green tea by Teabox with lemon.
Zero perservatives, sugars, sweeteners and gluten free.
Package of loose tea.

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A very tasty and fresh blend of green tea, with real pieces of dried lemon and lemongrass. The combination of green tea with lemon results in a beverage rich in vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols.
Lemon is high consatrated of vitamin C that supports the defenses of the organism and aids in better absortion of iron. Aditionally green tea improves the metabolism and its powerful antioxidant action fights free radicals believed to contribute to the development of cancer, heart disease and the aging process
Lemongrass offers its fresh and clean aromas, and its rejuvenating properties. It is really helpfull in cases of mouth ulcers

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