Teabox ”The green square’ 100gr
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Teabox ”The green square’ 100gr


100% natural green tea by Teabox.
Zero perservatives, sugars, sweeteners and gluten free.
Package of gunpowder, bio tea in biodagredable tea bags.

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The history of green tea, originates since the 6th century from China. Later on it came to Japan, where during the 16th century the tea ceremony made its appearence. At the same period green tea becomes popular in Europe too. Green tea (Sencha variety) is rich in polyphenols that constribute against diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases and in catechins which increases the metabolism. In addition, the regular consumption of green tea (2 -3 cups daily) is connected not only with the reduction of the body weight but also the abdominal fat. Modern scientific studies continuously confirm the benefits of green tea for health, thanks to the ability of catehins to create an adioxidant shield against different types of cancer, cardiovasular diseases and diabetes mellitus.
Sencha is one of the most popular teas of Japan. It differs for the quality of the leaf and its flavor.
*Water temperature 65-80°C.
**Immersion time 4-6 minutes
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