Teabox ”Fruits of health” 100gr
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Teabox ”Fruits of health” 100gr


100% natural tea by Teabox with goji berry and hippophaes.
ero preservatives, cafeine, sugars, sweeteners and gluten free.
Package of loose tea.

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Goji berry or berry of happiness, grows in distant regions of China, Thibet and/or Mongolia. During the centuries, its been used fron the Tibetan and traditional Chinese medicine for its healing, anti-aging and nutritional properties. Goji berry mainly on its dried form, reguvanates and gives energy, so it is considered one of the top superfoods of the 21st century. Combined with hibiscus, apple, orange and the captivating rose and wild cherry aromas, offers euphoria in a beverage that guarantees your well being.
Hippophaes, that comes from the world ”light” is a true treasure of the nature. It contains more than 150 active nutritions, like vitamin A, C, D, E. and K, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and powerful antioxidants. Hippophaes, strengthens immunity, metabolism, nervous system function, eye and skin health, stimulates the body and fights free radicals.
Ideal for the ones that follow a healthy diet, this blend will be a favorite choise not only for its flavor but for the nutritional benefits as well. Goji berry belongs in the group of superfoods that the diaticians choose for their clients for its multiple vitamines and minerals.
*Recommended quantity for 200-250ml of water: 4gr
**Water temperature 70-90°C
***Immersion time 7-10 minutes
For more informations visit https://2box.gr/en/teabox/

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