Teabox ”Dragons tear’ 50gr
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Teabox ”Dragons tear’ 50gr


Mixture of mountain tea by Teabox.
Zero perservatives, sugar, sweeteners and gluten free.
Package of loose tea.

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Mountain tea by Teabox contains a mixture that aids against common cold, with siderite, fennel, orange peel, goji berry, lemon peel, eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet raspberry leaves, moringa leaves, lemongrass, horsetail and sunflower petals. It very popular and loved in Greece, where is been consumed for centuries. Hippocrates recommended ”siderite” for physical stimulation, as it conatins high levels of iron. Dioskoyrides thought of it as a strong shield against cold. Nowadays we are aware for its anti-hypertensive, antioxidant, antithrombotic effect, its rich content of flavonoids that protect the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.
Nowadays, we know the effectiveness of the herb in strengthening the immune system, in dealing with colds, but also in relieving indigestion and stomachache. It also helps fight heart disease and prevent cancer, thanks to the flavonoid and antioxidant substances it contains. Research indicates that it is a brain and muscle stimulant, a powerful weapon against Alzheimer’s disease.
*Recommended quantity for 200-250ml of water: 2,5-3gr
**Water temperature 60°C.
***Immersion time 4-8 minutes.

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